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Our mission to go into business was to provide an alternative option to make professional IT services more affordable and at reasonable rates. This applies to all issues and matters pertaining to both Microsoft Windows and Apple Desktop/Laptops in addition to our other service categories listed below.

We will perform all work while ensuring we meet and exceed all customer expectations.

Repairs are made conveniently around your schedule and is available to be performed remotely.

Complete Virus, Adware, Spyware, Malware removal and remediation. Please DO NOT fall for fake warnings or accepting phone calls saying that your machine needs repairs. If your experiencing slower than normal performance its likely your infected. 

Are you seeing a hardware issue, error message, or device not working? Is a printer not being recognized? Mouse, Router, Windows or hard disk error? We can quickly isolate and remedy the issue seamlessly. Don't be frustrated trying to fault isolate the issue yourself.

Software issues are one of the biggest and most frustrating issues of all Windows and iMac problems. Unable to update Windows, upgrade, uninstall, or get rid of an error message? It pays not to stress out anymore. Please install the Remote connection software below to get  started.

Diagnose and remove orphaned un-installed or incorrect files and software; missing or have corrupt hardware drivers? We will significantly increase the speed of your computer so it won’t need to read from any wedged files, memory issues inside your machine.

Printers Or Peripherals

Diagnose and repair your printer or other devices. You could have an outdated driver or corrupted hardware software. Let us fault isolate and repair your service to get you back up and running.

Network Setup/Repair

We perform internet router installations and configurations. Repair slow or no internet/Wifi connection. The most frequent issues are conflicts in Wifi channels, old firmware or the placement of your Wifi antenna.

Telecom Phone Extentions

Installation, repair and diagnose all dial tone, VoIP issues in your Business and Home. Extend phone lines,  install new jacks, extensions and new Cat 6/5e cable runs.

Home Theater Audio/Video

Install, configure and repair audio and video issues on your equipment. Mount TV's on your Wall and perform all types of wiring in your home including home theater systems. 



Click to install the Free Remote Repair Software below the       arrow.

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